You’re One Thought Away From A Positive Life!



So here’s the thing!

We know that we can hold just one thought in our conscious mind at a time. Sure we move from thought to thought very quickly, but we can only focus consciously on one thought at a time.

Some of you may be thinking…wait a minute what’s he talking about. Go ahead, try to hold more than one thought in your conscious mind at a time, see you can’t do. If you think about going UP you can’t think about going DOWN at the same time. A little weird I know. Now that you know how your conscious mind works check this out:

A positive thought will protect your mind space pushing the negative thought out and not allowing it back in as long as you stay focused on a positive thought. Positive thoughts are the gatekeepers of your mind and the positive quality of your life. When your mind awareness is filled with a positive thought negative thoughts can’t get in unless you let them. This is why Positive Declarations are so powerful. They are positive focused thoughts. By repeating Declarations you are able to replace a negative thought with a focused powerful positive one and the energy that comes with that thought.

Energize your Declarations with positive emotions, get fired up and repeat them over and over again throughout the day and watch amazing things happen. You choose what’s in your head.

“Claim Your Amazing Life Everyday” Wade Roberts

Create A New Reality!

Your Perception is About to Change!

The fact that you’re here means at some level you are wanting, ready and willing to move towards greater possibilities in your life.  If you’re ready now to go beyond the mind trap of negative thoughts, emotions and failed results you have come to the right place.

Human beings can often get caught up in a pattern of behavior and conditioning that reinforces a perception of a dysfunctional world full of negativity and lack.  

Based on listening to the news, reading the papers and watching certain TV shows one might be focused on a negative reality that the world is going to hell and if you look for negative stuff you will absolutely find it.

Clearly the Media Effect is working overtime leading many people to focus on the negative direction, often without them realizing that they have allowed themselves to get sucked into the downward momentum.  

Not so fast, hold your horses right there and as Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank would say “stop the madness!”  This may be the first and the last time I’ll talk about the negative dynamics that exist outside of my universe.  Yes, I said outside my universe.   Certainly there are major negative events that occur around the world almost on a daily basis, but our job is to recognize and appreciate the effect on those impacted without bringing ourselves into that negative energy and emotion.  We best can support ourselves and others by staying in a positive space that will help with recovery and finding solutions.  We must believe and know that within the scenario are the seeds for new beginnings.  We might feel sadness for a loss at the same time we can work at focusing on forward moving conversations.  Conversations of drama only feed the ego to fuel negative emotions bringing the event into your universe.

You are one neuron away from a mind shift that will give you greater access to seeing the benefits and values from even the most challenging situations.  I know…quickly the limiting thoughts of negativity are wanting to kick up.  How do you stay positive when there’s no money, no job, bad relationships, or stuck in a body that doesn’t work. How do you find something positive in that?  The world offers us role models that have gone beyond the limits of their birthright, education, financial, even their physical conditions to create amazing lives.  Nick Vujicic, inspirational speaker, is an amazing man with no arms or legs and yet has filled his life with positive experiences that easily blow away what most of us achieve.  Imagine Nick waterskiing, golfing and even swimming, all by focusing on what’s possible.  Steven Hawking, world renowned theoretical physicist, trapped for decades in a body that doesn’t work,  has amazed us with his theories on our cosmic existence.  Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroscientist, came back from a massive stroke at age 37 to let us know that our consciousness and connection to the universe is very real.  We are not our bodies and our connection to the universe provides us access to infinite possibilities. 

The greatest and most amazing things that have ever come into this  reality must first have been seen through the mind of infinite possibly.       wr

What about the things that most people fear and worry about, like relationships, health, career, money, personal injury or illness.  It’s vital to understand that we are the stewards of something powerful and sacred.

We are co-creators that are manifesting our world the way we see it.  Our job is to lift ourselves and others up, even when it’s not easy.  You see, in the positive space is where all the solutions and possibility live.  That energy is just waiting to support us in creating a life that’s inspired and full of love, joy, happiness and abundance.  In order to access the space and claim the possibility there is only one key and that is by seeing life through what’s positive and possible and partnering with the universe to create what we desire.

We are the observers and receivers of thought and we get to choose the thoughts we embrace and act upon.  Let the negative thoughts pass by like dark clouds across a blue sky – after all, the clouds are always surrounded by blue skies.  It will get easier as you recondition the patterns of positive perception and practice the behaviors for greater life results,  knowing that you are a co-creator with the universe.

Get Started!  The best way to start is by realizing that everything that happens is neutral.  That’s right,  nothing has any meaning,  good or bad, until we assign the label to it.  By labeling everything as good or bad we step onto a roller coaster that will constantly take our emotions up and down.  That’s enough to make anyone a little nuts, sad, frustrated, disappointed, angry and sometimes just plain pissed off.

From the time we’re born we began a journey of conditioning that tells us things are good and things are bad. If everything is neutral and we are conditioned to see the possibility in all situations I’m sure you would agree that you would find more love, joy and happiness.

Start seeing all events as neutral.  Begin asking the question that will lead you to discovering positive points of value.  Ask a simple value question, then be patient and open to allowing the value to show up.  No matter how long it takes hold on to the belief that there must be a reason and purpose.
Sample Questions:
What value does this accident hold for me?
How can losing my job make my life better?
How can I use this divorce to empower me?
How can going broke be a good thing? 

It may take some practice but once you connect with the power of neutral your world view will pivot. 

“All things that happen, happen with reason and purpose to serve me at the highest value.”         wr                                                                     

Stop Watching & Listening!  Shut off the flow of negative media reporting and so called entertainment, no more reality TV,  it feeds the drama addiction.  Notice what happens when you are conscious of all the flow of negative information that your mind has being subjected to.  Turn it off and notice how you start to feel as you move away from the negative input.  Now begin feeding your mind positive programing and notice how quickly you start to see the positive aspects of your life.  When you are open to new possibilities you will receive the ideas and inspiration.  Then the people, resources and opportunities will start showing up like magic. 

Kill The Drama!  I know that many people spend too much time involved in drama.  They don’t realize that their egos have them caught up in the negative conversation of what’s wrong with the world, their life, relationships and on and on it goes.  You probably have a friend or family member that just lives for drama.  Run, run as fast as you can to get away from them.  Sort of kidding but not really.  Be very aware of how people like that pull you in and suck the positive energy from you.  Believe it or not, at some ego level they don’t want you to grow and succeed and find love, joy, happiness and abundance, especially if they don’t have it.    

By focusing your energy, intention and attention on positive thoughts, actions and outcomes you will shift what you see, hear, experience and most importantly what you attract.  The focused effort will be worth it because once you find the gems of positivity the universe will open up to help transform those not so fun aspects of your life into something amazing.  

Welcome to your new reality.  Enjoy the ride!

Thanks for reading the MindZone Blog by Wade Roberts