You’re One Thought Away From A Positive Life!



So here’s the thing!

We know that we can hold just one thought in our conscious mind at a time. Sure we move from thought to thought very quickly, but we can only focus consciously on one thought at a time.

Some of you may be thinking…wait a minute what’s he talking about. Go ahead, try to hold more than one thought in your conscious mind at a time, see you can’t do. If you think about going UP you can’t think about going DOWN at the same time. A little weird I know. Now that you know how your conscious mind works check this out:

A positive thought will protect your mind space pushing the negative thought out and not allowing it back in as long as you stay focused on a positive thought. Positive thoughts are the gatekeepers of your mind and the positive quality of your life. When your mind awareness is filled with a positive thought negative thoughts can’t get in unless you let them. This is why Positive Declarations are so powerful. They are positive focused thoughts. By repeating Declarations you are able to replace a negative thought with a focused powerful positive one and the energy that comes with that thought.

Energize your Declarations with positive emotions, get fired up and repeat them over and over again throughout the day and watch amazing things happen. You choose what’s in your head.

“Claim Your Amazing Life Everyday” Wade Roberts